We Value Spiritual Growth – We believe that true growth and transformation happens when we are able to hear the Word of God, understand the Word of God, and then apply it to our lives. This will happen in various settings outside of the normal morning worship service. Some of these settings are: Sunday School, Bible Study, Prayer Gatherings, Small Groups, Conferences, Masterlife Classes, Workshops etc.. 

We Value our Community - We believe that that God has placed us in our State, City, and neighborhood for a specific purpose. We are striving to be a congregation that reaches out to our community, cares for our community, and improves our community. This happens through various community projects that are designed to serve and aid those in need. 

We Value Generational Diversity - We are a congregation of four generations: Youth, Young Adults, Middle-Aged/Empty Nesters, and Seasoned Saints. We believe that God has called us to reach each generation in a relevant way. 

We Value Authentic Relationships -  We were not created to be islands. We believe that God created us to be connected. We understand biblical fellowship to be more than a handshake and a hug on Sunday.  We believe that we grow in our walk with Christ when we grow with other people. We envision our congregation being a place where genuine relationships are built that stretch beyond our campus, and assist our congregants to growing deeper in their walk with Christ. 

We Value Families - We recognize that family is the first institution that God created. We envision our congregation being a place that equips mothers and fathers to be better parents, singles to be stronger believers, youth to reach their God given potential, and husbands and wives to be better spouses. We recognize that families are diverse, blended, and at times even divided. We also understand that the “Church Family” is sometimes the only genuine family someone can claim. We endeavor to be the type of congregation that serves God by ministering effectively to families, no matter what their unique situations might be.