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Saint Bartley Tailgate Party

Details for Group Leaders

Saturday, October 6, 2018

10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.



1)  To provide a time for Small Groups/Ministries (and their families) to spend a relaxed time together building relationships with one another.

2)  To facilitate relationship building with other groups around you.

3)  To allow the entire faith family to do something together as a whole.

4)  To provide an event in which members can invite people they know who may not be involved in church.



•  FOOD - Each group is responsible for planning and hosting its own individual tailgate party.  This includes everything: food, utensils, grills, tables, chairs, canopies, trash bags, etc. Groups are encouraged to bring a grill and cook for their group. Going the easy route with sandwiches or a bucket of chicken is another option if you don't have a grill master in your group. Please provide a little extra food and maybe a few extra lawn chairs for any guests who join you.

•  SPACE - We will assign each group an area to set up. The event will be located across the street from the church. We will provide an assignment map in advance, showing numbered, assigned spaces that will be marked with your group’s name.

•  REST ROOMS - The Fellowship Hall will be open for restroom access.

•  VEHICLE ACCESS & PARKING - The tailgate area will be roped and coned off during the actual tailgate. Many will need vehicle access for dropping off grills, canopies, etc. For safety reasons vehicles will not be allowed to move in that area between 9:45 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Parking will be available in church parking lot and on the side of the road.

•  ACTIVITIES - We encourage you to bring some games for your group to play if desired. Also, we plan to have sand volleyball, corn hole and a moon bounce for the youth. We encourage groups to have a relaxed time building relationships.

•  CHILDREN - Children are encouraged to participate with their parents' group. Parents are responsible for their children.

•  AWARDS - Just for fun, we will give some awards for groups in the following categories: Best Food, Best Set Up, Best Spirit, Most Friendly, and Best Participation.

•  SCHEDULE - The schedule is as follows:

        8:00 am Open for Set up and cooking.

        10:00 am Event begins (Groups eat whenever they are ready.)

        1:30 pm   Group Prize Presentations and Group Picture.             

        2:00 pm    Event officially ends. Leave when you want.

•  NEW CHURCH MEMBERS - As this event centers on church fellowship, it is an opportunity for new people to be welcomed to the church.  Please plan on this and welcome new people to your tailgate with open arms.

•  CLEAN UP - Please leave your area clean. A dumpster is available in the back of the Fellowship Hall.

•  THINGS TO BRING - (Each Individual) A food item coordinated with your group, lawn chairs, bug spray, etc.

•  QUESTIONS - Visit or contact the church at (256) 536-6266, or email

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 2018 Tailgate Party

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