Keyboardist/Drummer/Bass Player

May 14th, 2018

Closing Date: May 31st

Keyboardist/Drummer/Bass Player

General Description and Purpose

Saint Bartley Primitive Baptist Church is in the process of improving of our music ministry, and we are prayerfully searching for a Keyboardist, Drummer, and Bass player to play in our Morning Worship Service and outside engagements. These are three separate positions. This also includes attending staff meetings and helping the congregation to fulfill its mission of Meeting Needs and Making Disciples.

About Us

Founded in 1820, Saint Bartley Primitive Baptist Church is a vibrant and growing congregation located in the inner city of Huntsville, AL that is the oldest African American Congregation in the State of Alabama.The music ministry is currently comprised of one adult choir, one young one Children’s choir, one Youth choir, and one Male Chorus. Saint Bartley Church currently has one morning worship Service at 10:00 AM and Bible Study on Wednesday evenings (6:30 PM).


  • Must have a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ evidenced in daily living
  • Must work well with others
  • Must be dependable, dedicated, and self motivated 
  • Possess good leadership skills and patience
  • At least 3 years of experience in a ministry of music
  • Must be willing to embrace, support, and promote the vision of Saint Bartley Church • Must be a skillful musician with the ability to play one’s instrument proficiently and professionally in multiple keys and/or multiple tempos.
  • Must posses the ability to play multiple genres of church music:
  • (Traditional, Contemporary,Choir, Hymns, Christian, Praise and Worship,Spirituals,
  • Anthems ,Easter, Christmas etc.
  • An ability to read music fluently is not a must but is preferred, having the ability to flow" in worship services and a sensitivity to what is appropriate is a must. 
  • Must be punctual to all rehearsals, meetings, and worship services. A pattern of tardiness will not be accepted
  • Ability to respond to suggestions and criticisms in a spiritual and effective way.
  • Must be coachable
  • Must be able to to play improvisations and creative twists to the original recorded music
  • Must be proficient at the art of playing with a band and not just individually


  • Coordinates with Director of Music Ministry and Band Director on preparation of Music for Sundays
  • Attend and participate in Choir and Musician Rehearsals
  • Learn music when given so that you are already proficient when it is time to rehearse
  • Plays at Worship Services, funerals, and fellowships, Revivals, Conferences, etc.
  • Attend Staff Meetings
  • Other duties as assigned by Pastor 

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*Compensation will be discussed at time of hiring.